Shyam VNL

Mobile Intelligence Solutions & Secure Mobile Broadband Communication Systems

In the age of digital connectivity, Instant, reliable and innovative communication solutions have become the backbone of national security, communities and industries around the world. ShyamVNL, with its reputation as a leading name in Mobile wireless communication sector, understands this paradigm like no other. We present a spectrum of advanced mobile communication and intelligence solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern governments, Critical Infrastructure, Disaster authorities and large enterprises & Ranches.

Our suite of offerings seamlessly integrates the latest technological advancements with the field proven principles of communication. ShyamVNL is at the forefront of ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in remote regions, providing state-of-the-art tools for intelligence and surveillance, or enabling businesses to reach their full potential with bespoke communication systems,

We invite you to explore our offerings and witness first-hand how ShyamVNL is reshaping the future of mobile communication and intelligence.


Instant Secure Mobile Broadband Network

A Secure, High-Speed, Private LTE Network

ShyamVNL introduces a state-of-the-art Private LTE System designed for secure, high-speed connectivity. This 3GPP-standards-based LTE network offers private coverage tailored for voice, data, and IoT requirements.

  • Connectivity Beyond Reach: Designed to bridge the gap in remote rural regions, enhance indoor coverage in corporate settings, and facilitate M2M connectivity even in areas distant from standard network reach.
  • Cost-Effective: Prioritizes minimal CAPEX and OPEX, ensuring a budget-friendly solution without compromising quality.
  • Versatility in Deployment: Easily installable and configurable. Unique feature to operate in standalone mode when backhaul connectivity is lost – essential for mission-critical operations like military ventures and disaster rescue missions.
  • Congestion and Interference Management: An efficient alternative to public networks plagued with congestion, providing superior transmission quality.
  • Embracing a New Business Model: The emergence of ‘Private LTE Networks’ leverages key features like:
    • Regulations align with license-free spectrum for private use.
    • Low power, small cell solutions upholding carrier-grade reliability.
    • Encompassing M2M, IoT, and standard mobile communication.
    • Leveraging software-based vEPC for enhanced connectivity.
  • Multiservice Support: Tailored for diverse needs such as low-bit-rate IoT, smartphone users, and mission-critical services. Ensures consistent connectivity across vast areas.


  • Provides secure, instantaneous, and reliable
  • Compatible with relevant LTE bands.
  • Ensures easy and swift installation.
  • Emphasizes low CAPEX and OPEX for cost-effectiveness.
  • Fully remote capabilities allowing users to configure, monitor, and operate the system from a distance