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Shyam VNL will be showcasing its Instant Drone Detect & Defeat System at Air & Missile Defence seminar & exhibition to be held on 19th July 2024 in New Delhi.

We Deliver End-to-End Solutions

Mobile Intelligence Solutions & Secure Mobile Broadband Communication Systems

  • ShyamVNL’s communication and intelligence systems for Prisons and Secure campuses offers 100% service denial to the use of contraband wireless devices, detecting true identities along with finding accurate locations.
  • Provide Instant secure Mobile Broadband communication options for security personnel.

RF Cyber Intelligence Solutions for Borders and Perimeter intrusion Detection

ShyamVNL’s Border and perimeter intrusion detection and Intelligence systems are designed to detect and pre alert security personnel of any possible attempts of unauthorized entry into border, camp or secure areas, like airports, critical infrastructure etc.

Anti Drone Systems

End to end, multi-layer, multi-sensor Anti Drone system that ensures comprehensive security against drones. System detect & track drones using passive surveillance, Radars, integrated EO and soft kill jamming of communication to neutralize threats. Hard Kill option also available.

Made by Legacy. Driven by Technology.

An overview of the organization

Shyam VNL specializes in advanced technology development and predictive intelligence to enhance sovereign capabilities. Our expertise spans RF cyber, mobile and signal intelligence, Border & perimeter security, intrusion detection, and secure communication. We Conceive, Design, Manufacture, Install & Operate Systems & System of Systems. We also operate, maintain & upgrade systems over lifetime.

With over 45 years in the field, Shyam VNL stands as an R&D leader, serving law enforcement, sensitive government entities, and global corporates with AI-ML-backed communication and ISR solutions. Proudly a 100% “Made-In-India” venture. Our team of experts is committed to continuous R&D, ensuring that we stay ahead in the industry.

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