Shyam VNL

RF Cyber Intelligence Solutions for Borders and Perimeter intrusion Detection

In an ever-evolving global landscape, the importance of securing national borders and critical infrastructures cannot be overstated. Shyam VNL has set a benchmark in this domain with its cutting-edge Perimeter Protection Solutions and Border Intrusion Detection Systems. Our End-to-End Systems & System of Systems ensures that boundaries, whether of nations or critical facilities, remain impermeable to threats.

Our solutions are engineered with two decades of real field experience and working closely with security agencies globally. We are at the forefront of the latest advancements in Sensor technology having artificial intelligence and signature analytics.

This ensures not only the prevention of intrusion but also the ability to swiftly respond to potential intrusions. From advanced sensors and surveillance equipment to integrated control systems, we offer a holistic approach to safeguard critical perimeters.

But what truly defines our approach is the seamless integration of technology with ground realities. Recognizing the varied challenges posed by different terrains and threat profiles, our solutions are tailored to offer maximum efficacy, regardless of the environment.

FP-HDLS Foliage Penetrating - Human Detection & Locating System

Presenting ShyamVNL Foliage Penetrating – Human Detection & Locating System (FP-HDLS), your solution for persistent surveillance through dense foliage. This advanced system ensures 100% spontaneous detection of mobile devices carried by individuals and in vehicles across expansive areas. Deployable on the ground, vehicles, hilltops, and helicopters, the FP-HDLS becomes operational in less than 30 minutes.

What sets FP-HDLS apart is its ability to penetrate any type of foliage, where other technologies fall short. The Cellular FP-HDLS boasts high reliability with its cutting-edge, no-moving-parts design. It is perfectly suited for dense forests, jungles, riverine areas, tropical borders (including international borders), airports, and seaports.

Achieve enhanced security with overlapping coverage and 100% detection of individuals carrying active mobile phones. Multiple units can be strategically deployed to provide end-to-end coverage, ensuring comprehensive surveillance.

This field-proven and innovative system from ShyamVNL is customizable to meet users’ specific requirements, leveraging ShyamVNL’s capabilities for tailored solutions. Experience the next level of surveillance with ShyamVNL FP-HDLS.


  • Dense Forests/Jungles & Remote Areas: Seamlessly operate in challenging environments, providing unparalleled surveillance and detection capabilities even in the densest of foliage.
  • Critical Infrastructures: Safeguard critical infrastructures with advanced detection, ensuring the security of vital facilities and resources.
  • Airports and Seaports: Enhance security at airports and seaports with FP-HDLS, detecting and locating individuals carrying mobile devices for comprehensive surveillance.
  • Military Bases: Fortify military bases with the cutting-edge technology of FP-HDLS, offering a robust layer of security against potential threats.
  • Multi-Mode Deployment: Adaptable to various deployment scenarios, including Manpack, Tripod, Vehicle, Drone/Balloon, and Helicopter, providing flexibility and coverage in diverse operational environments.