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About Shyam VNL

SHYAM VNL, is an innovation multi-dimensional powerhouse driven by concept of single window solution provider for all your needs. 

The company boasts of innovation from conceptual conceiving to the maintenance of the systems where plan, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the equipment/products/systems are carried out in a manner that not only meets the current requirement but also futuristic demands. Our organisation brings aggregations to all the layers, different from a true System Integrator concept to avoid dependencies in cogent situations of national importance as well as security threats leaving no window for compromise for service delivery.

The company founded by Sh. Rajiv Mehrotra (a contemporary and avant-garde entrepreneur) is driven by a vision of providing unique solutions for the HLS and armed forces. His journey from Wired Man (Starting from Cable TVs) to Wireless businessman empowering Rural India through his perseverance has further led to fulfilling his aspiration of making India Self Reliant meeting his passion of a research and innovation driven designs and products 

“We want to be the company that provides complete solution under one umbrella that provides trusted solutions and driven by supply side resilience to any technological problem faced by Indian forces guarding the national borders and critical infrastructure,” says Mehrotra

With recent events in the geo-political situation across the globe including India and huge demand for solutions that are not only ahead of its time but also meets the local needs, the policy makers at the forces as well as political leadership has realized the need to have technology that secure borders, critical infrastructure as well as RF based threats which can be achieved through concerted efforts of having a strong industry.

Our solutions, presently available, are global yet local and beyond the imagination of incoming potential threats to our country. This is based on ideology of “Think Globally, Act Locally”. We customize the products/solutions and the turn-around time is miniscule with a very cost effective basket.