Shyam VNL



MA-CHAKRA is a unified, cutting-edge solution for assisting Law Enforcement Agencies in their task to maintain order during riots, mass demonstrations and other events. The system is a multi – dimensional solution that provides a policing organization many essential services needed during such events: cellular identities extraction, presence detection, cellular denial of services as well as monitoring and tracking of targeted cellular devices.

Description: MA-CHAKRA enables the acquisition of GSM, UMTS, LTE cellular devices as well as detection and alert of predefined targets with denial of operator services.

Potential Client Base: Anti-Corruption, Police Special Ops, Border Protection, Counter Terrorism, Intelligence Services, Military Intelligence & Prisons. Available Configurations: Tactical Case, Rack, Tripod & Vehicle mount


  • Surveillance target confirmation and acquisition
  • Cellular location detection
  • No dependency on public networks
  • Private Secure communication network
  • Powerful analytic software with data visualization