Shyam VNL

At Shyam, we write history of telecom for future generations. Over five decades ago, our pioneers began championing the concepts of “indigenous” and “homegrown,” ushering in numerous pioneering initiatives in our nation. From the advent of Cable TV and Dish Antennas to the introduction of Rural Telephony and mobile technologies tailored specifically for rural communities, their foresight and innovation have left an indelible mark on our technological landscape.   In 2023, Shyam VNL unveiled its Mobile and RF Cyber Intelligence solutions specifically designed for the Prisons, Secured campuses, sensitive installations, International Borders etc.  
Shyam VNL will be launching its True Identity Detection (TIDMobil) solutions in
the upcoming Milipol Asia Pacific Tech-X Summit at Singapore.  Mobile phones have taken on a pivotal role in our lives. While we primarily associate them with communication, they have also subtly evolved into a universal identification tool.
The immediate real-time retrieval of mobile phone information such as IMEI or IMSI enables security agencies to ascertain individuals’ true identities discreetly. This capability holds significant potential across various scenarios, including:

  1. Entry points / Reception of Secured buildings
  2. Crowded gatherings, Stadiums, VVIP functions
  3. Airport immigration, Friendly border entry points
  4. Barricaded checkpoints, Toll Plazas / booths.
  5. Cordon & Search Operations for identification of potential threats. In the focus, Shyam VNL will be exploring opportunities to tie up with Country specific partners in the Asia Pacific Region as part of their globalization plans.