Shyam VNL

RF Cyber Intelligence Solutions for Borders and Perimeter intrusion Detection

In an ever-evolving global landscape, the importance of securing national borders and critical infrastructures cannot be overstated. Shyam VNL has set a benchmark in this domain with its cutting-edge Perimeter Protection Solutions and Border Intrusion Detection Systems. Our End-to-End Systems & System of Systems ensures that boundaries, whether of nations or critical facilities, remain impermeable to threats.

Our solutions are engineered with two decades of real field experience and working closely with security agencies globally. We are at the forefront of the latest advancements in Sensor technology having artificial intelligence and signature analytics.

This ensures not only the prevention of intrusion but also the ability to swiftly respond to potential intrusions. From advanced sensors and surveillance equipment to integrated control systems, we offer a holistic approach to safeguard critical perimeters.

But what truly defines our approach is the seamless integration of technology with ground realities. Recognizing the varied challenges posed by different terrains and threat profiles, our solutions are tailored to offer maximum efficacy, regardless of the environment.

Sir Creek Area - ISR

Real Time Networked Situational Awareness & Data Fusion

Overcoming the historical challenges of establishing and maintaining critical communications in terrains like the Desert and Marshy areas, such as Sir Creek, is no small feat. ShyamVNL rises to the occasion by providing a proven Secure Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance solution tailored for these challenging environments.

In the unforgiving Marshy and Saline terrains, where traditional communication struggles, our solution excels. Designed to be rugged, lightweight, and portable, it empowers commanders to direct missions in difficult terrains effectively. Addressing the pressing security concerns of illegal immigration, smuggling, and terrorism, our solution ensures reliable long-range threat detection and positive identification in all conditions—day or night.

ShyamVNL’s solution leverages the advantages of Marshy and Saline terrains, adapting to high tide/low tide conditions to deliver secure communication, real-time video data, and remote monitoring services at HQ. Our field-tested Secure Communication (4G/LTE) and surveillance solution is not only lightweight and portable but also easy to configure, providing commanders and on-field soldiers the ability to transmit live video, images, maps, and GIS information in real-time over an encrypted and secure IP network.

Experience the difference with ShyamVNL—a dedicated solution that enhances communication, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities in challenging terrains, ensuring mission success in the face of adversity.


  • Conceived, Designed and Manufactured in India
  • All IPR’s SW, HW owned by Shyam VNL
  • Real-time Video feed from remote locations to HQ
  • Used for real-time situational awareness
  • 24/7 Day & night operation