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Mobile Communication & Intelligence

In the age of digital connectivity, Instant, reliable and innovative communication solutions have become the backbone of national security, communities and industries around the world. Shyam VNL, with its reputation as a leading name in Mobile wireless communication sector, understands this paradigm like no other. We present a spectrum of advanced mobile communication and intelligence solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern governments, Critical Infrastructure, Disaster authorities and large enterprises & Ranches.

Our suite of offerings seamlessly integrates the latest technological advancements with the field proven principles of communication. SHYAM VNL is at the forefront of ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in remote regions, providing state-of-the-art tools for intelligence and surveillance, or enabling businesses to reach their full potential with bespoke communication systems,

We invite you to explore our offerings and witness first-hand how SHYAM VNL is reshaping the future of mobile communication and intelligence.

Jail Wireless Communication (JWC)

Foliage Penetrating Mobile Phone Detection System (FP-MPDS): A Revolution in Surveillance

In environments where dense foliage can obscure traditional surveillance methods, detecting mobile devices becomes an intricate challenge. SHYAM VNL’s Foliage Penetrating Mobile Phone Detection System (FP-MPDS) bridges this gap, offering an innovative approach to persistent surveillance, ensuring the detection of mobile devices, whether carried by individuals or within vehicles, across expansive areas.

  1. Versatile Deployment: Whether stationed on the ground, atop a vehicle, on a hill, or airborne in a helicopter, the system’s flexibility ensures optimal surveillance.
  2. Swift Operationalization: In critical scenarios, time is of the essence. FP-MPDS is designed to be fully operational within 30 minutes.
  3. Advanced Penetration: Capable of penetrating all types of foliage, ensuring no device goes undetected.
  4. Comprehensive Coverage: Where traditional methods falter in dense environments, FP-MPDS excels, ensuring long-range detection even in the thickest of vegetations.
  5. High Reliability: Built with cutting-edge design principles that involve no moving parts, the system ensures consistent, long-lasting performance.
  6. End-to-End Detection: By deploying multiple units in tandem, authorities can achieve overlapping coverage, ensuring 100% detection of all active mobile devices within the surveillance area.
  1. Customization & Adaptability:
    Recognizing the unique challenges faced by different users, SHYAM VNL offers tailored solutions, adapting FP-MPDS to specific requirements.

    Ideal Environments for FP-MPDS:

  • Dense Forests and Jungles
  • Riverine Regions
  • Tropical Borders (including international demarcations)
  • Critical Airports and Seaports


  • Optimal for Remote Areas: Ensures surveillance in dense forests, jungles, and other remote terrains.
  • Protection for Critical Infrastructures: Safeguards essential assets from potential threats.
  • Air and Sea Security: Ideal for monitoring activities at airports and seaports.
  • Fortifying Military Bases: Ensures the safety of strategic military installations.
  • Multifaceted Deployment: Depending on the operational need, FP-MPDS can be deployed in various modes - be it a manpack, tripod, vehicle, drone/balloon, or helicopter.