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Anti Drone Systems

Anti Drone Systems

SHYAMVNL offers a wide range of smart anti-drone systems. These are integrated, multilayer Drone detection and neutralization system.

The system uses a combination of radars, RF Sensors for the detection of UAVs. Fused sensors of Radar & EO are used for tracking the drones (even multiple) & controlling the High Power Directional multi band Jammer (max 8 Band). Optionally Hard Kill systems can also be provided.

For specific use cases Omni & directional jammers are also available.

Existing anti-drone systems do not provide 100% protection from drones. Whereas SHYAMVNL’s Anti-Drone System integrates multiple detection and counteraction equipment to ensure complete security and eliminate the drawbacks inherent in standalone products and technologies.

Our company is ready to audit and analyse sites that must be protected and provide the best-in-class Anti Drone System for any complex requirements.

Drone Detection

Drone Neutralization

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