Shyam VNL

RF Cyber Intelligence Solutions for Borders and Perimeter intrusion Detection

In an ever-evolving global landscape, the importance of securing national borders and critical infrastructures cannot be overstated. ShyamVNL has set a benchmark in this domain with its cutting-edge Perimeter Protection Solutions and Border Intrusion Detection Systems. Our End-to-End Systems & System of Systems ensures that boundaries, whether of nations or critical facilities, remain impermeable to threats.

Our solutions are engineered with two decades of real field experience and working closely with security agencies globally. We are at the forefront of the latest advancements in Sensor technology having artificial intelligence and signature analytics.

This ensures not only the prevention of intrusion but also the ability to swiftly respond to potential intrusions. From advanced sensors and surveillance equipment to integrated control systems, we offer a holistic approach to safeguard critical perimeters.

But what truly defines our approach is the seamless integration of technology with ground realities. Recognizing the varied challenges posed by different terrains and threat profiles, our solutions are tailored to offer maximum efficacy, regardless of the environment.

Airport Perimeter Protection System

Advanced Perimeter Security for Airbases: Real-time Monitoring with Shyam VNL's PIDS

The Aviation Security Imperative:
Commercial and military aviation operate within inherently high-risk environments. Yet, surprisingly, many of their perimeters are safeguarded by passive measures that are reactive, rather than proactive. In the absence of active defences such as surveillance cameras and sensors, even a minor breach can escalate into a significant security threat. Therefore, ensuring these perimeters are armoured with active, smart-shield sensors is essential to ward off potential external threats.

ShyamVNL’s PIDS – The Vanguard of Airbase Security:
Enter the fully automated Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution (PIDS) by ShyamVNL. Tailored explicitly for the protection of Airports and Airbases, our PIDS offers an unparalleled blend of multiple sensors and round-the-clock surveillance. This results in an integrated, 7-layered defence mechanism geared to deter, detect, delay, and neutralize potential intrusions.

Command & Control – At the Helm of Security:
Our proprietary command and control system epitomizes state-of-the-art situational awareness. By unifying diverse sensor technologies onto a single centralized platform, it offers a holistic view of the security landscape. This integration ensures that data from disparate sources is cohesively represented, enabling operators to swiftly identify, verify, and prioritize security incidents, facilitating proactive intervention in intrusion scenarios.

Choose ShyamVNL’s PIDS – Fortify Your Airbase’s Perimeter with Next-Gen Security


  • Round-the-Clock Surveillance: Real-time, 24x7 live monitoring covering expansive airbase perimeters for constant vigilance.
  • Swift Intelligence Dissemination: Harness the power of our advanced Command and Control software to quickly relay critical intelligence.
  • Efficient Manpower Utilization: Significantly reduce the need for manual guarding of perimeters, optimizing resources and enhancing security.
  • Adaptable Operations: Designed for both day and night operations, equipped with a tamper alarm for enhanced security assurance.
  • Seamless Integration: PIDS can be easily integrated with existing systems using SDK and API, ensuring smooth operations and expansions.